Calmi's Story

I am Calie, the founder of Calmi, a brand born from my transformative experience with magnetotherapy and acupressure. Inspired by the remarkable benefits these practices had on my health, I was driven to share this magic with the world. The name "Calmi" is a play on words, combining my name with the word "calm," reflecting our commitment to bringing peace and well-being to our customers.

Our journey began amidst the inspiring landscapes of Arizona, where each Calmi ring is designed. We aimed to merge the elegance of American design with the ancient wisdom of Oriental medicine, particularly acupuncture and acupressure, millennia-old Chinese practices.

Acupuncture, a specialty of Chinese medicine dating back over 5000 years, and acupressure, a sub-branch of it, have inspired our approach. These gentle methods act on the human magnetic field, offering a natural alternative to medication.

We carefully selected high-quality magnets, made from rare earth elements, for their therapeutic efficacy. These materials, combined with our refined design crafted in Arizona, make each Calmi Ring a work of art, a jewel that goes beyond mere aesthetics.

The Calmi Ring is designed to act on acupressure points on the fingers, offering a unique wellness experience. Wearing a Calmi Ring embraces a holistic approach to health, where self-care becomes a daily act of elegance and balance.

At Calmi, we are proud to offer you a solution that combines elegance and health, a product that reflects our commitment to quality and authenticity. Join us on this journey to well-being, and discover the beauty and benefits of the Calmi Ring, a symbol of your commitment to a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Our mission is to accompany you in your quest for serenity and balance, offering you a piece of tranquility to wear every day.

The Calmi ring redefines wellness with its magnetic and acupressure therapy. Users praise its sleep-enhancing and stress-reducing benefits, making it a standout accessory for health-conscious individuals.

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